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Local Meetups of Entrepreneurs that Put God First

Discover all the GodFirst Meetups that bring our community together.

Local Meetups of Entrepreneurs that Put God First


Every 1st Wednesday of the Month there are Meetups Worldwide

Finally, a place where Godpreneurs can meet in person!

A meetup on the first Wednesday of every month where Godpreneurs gather together to share “what’s working now” strategies for growing our businesses by putting God first.  Godpreneur communities worldwide are separated by distance but have a common goal to see their entire marketplaces transformed by Christ.


Check all the upcoming GodFirst.Biz meetups



We Provide All The Material for Your Monthly Meetup

  • Build your outreach
  • Network with other entrepreneurs
  • Develop relationships with clients & prospects
  • Strengthen relationships with vendors
  • Deepen relationships with team/employees
  • Align with strategic partners
  • Get your name out as a leader (personal branding)
  • Build deeper bonds with your business associates


We’ve got Godpreneurs worldwide that are getting together to talk about growing their God First businesses.



You still have questions about how Meetups work?

What are the Meetups?

GodFirst.Biz Meetups are gatherings for small business owners who have a desire to share their knowledge, learn from their peers, and grow together. The meetings, coordinated by local Christian entrepreneurs, are designed to be approachable, authentic, and uplifting. Each month, we’ll be releasing a course on GodFirst.Biz/all-courses to kickstart the conversation and allowing the gathering to flow from there!

Where and When do they meet?

Meetups occur on the first Wednesday of the month at local coffee shops, offices of Christian entrepreneurs, or even a local church, but for more details about exact meeting times, make sure you join your area’s GodFirst.Biz group. You can find local groups and their Group pages through our group map (coming soon)!

What happens at the meet-ups?

GodFirst.Biz Meetups will vary from city to city and each leader has the freedom to cultivate gatherings that best fit their local area. However, most gatherings include prayer, a discussion on the course of the month followed by an open question and answer segment. Whether you’ve been in business for five years or five days, there are always new tips and tricks emerging in the marketplace. It is our hope that by creating a safe space for open dialog and idea sharing we can help one another to be marketplace ministers.

Why join a GodFirst.Biz Meetup?

We believe that getting out from behind your computer and building true relationships with other Christian entrepreneurs is an incredible tool for success. By joining a Meetup you can expect to learn new business tips directly from others seeking to put God first in their business, grow in confidence, and find a network of Christ-centered professionals in your local area.

Who are they for?

Entrepreneurs and CEOs, including those planning to start a business, brand new business owners, former business owners (want to try again!) and successful business owners!

Want to Lead a Meetup?

Start a meetup at your office, church, or local coffee shop.  Click here to apply to start and lead a GodFirst.Biz Meetup.


We’ll keep you up to date on what’s new with GodFirst.Biz Meetups