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Grace to Organize

The struggle is real. But, so is Grace.

After hearing God tell me, “You’re hoarding your gift” I started Grace to Organize,  I started to see that people want to be organized, but they may not know how, or they may not have the time they need.  People need to be more organized. Why? So, they can do what God is calling them to do!

What are your goals in life?

  • Be a successful business owner
  • Be a great Mom
  • Go on mission trips
  • Save money
  • Get healthier
  • Read more

Maybe you can relate to some of these, but you most likely have even more specific goals than these, and that is GREAT! I love coaching people in time management and productivity, and I can help you think about your schedule in a new way, or hold you accountable to your goals. I also love organizing offices, pantries, kids rooms, closets, and more!

What sets me apart from other organizers?

I don’t charge for the use of my materials, I will use what you have and supplement with what I have to make the space work. The only exception is if you have special requests for materials that are outside of what I already have.

I offer special late night services for those who are night owls, or have kids and they want to organize while they sleep.

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