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Chamar Latanja LLC

Helping women to rebuild, transform and reclaim their power after divorce and post breakup

I help women rebuild their life after divorce, transform from feeling powerless to reclaiming their power, find their purpose, and create a life they LOVE!.

I’m giving you resources, exercises to help you actually take steps to rebuilding your life, my experience as a divorced woman that has had to rebuild her life and I’m giving you RESULTS!!.

Women, we are mothers, daughters, leaders, change agents and so much more for others, but what are we to ourselves? We pour so much into everyone else, what do we give to ourselves?.

All too often we set ourselves on fire to keep others warm. We raise queens, kings, and communities and guess what happens? We give away so much of ourselves that we lose ourselves!.

BUT I declare FOR you and OVER you that YOU are STILL called according to your beautiful God given name to a purpose. YOU still have the power to live the life that YOU want. If you have gotten lost, then you are here for such a time as this. NOW is the acceptable and perfect time for you to be found.

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